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Tenant News is the printed magazine of the Tenants' Union of NSW. If you'd like to receive one (or many!) in the mail, please email contact[at]tenantsunion.org.au. Copies are free for tenants and community workers. You can also subscribe to our free e-bulletins here. Download recent issues of Tenant News below.


Tenant News 113, August 2016 [PDF]

Tenant News 112, March 2016 [PDF]


Tenant News 111, September 2015 [PDF]

Tenant News 110, August 2015 [PDF]

Tenant News 109, March 2015 [PDF]


Tenant News 108, November 2014 [PDF]Tenant News 108, November 2014 [HTML]

Tenant News 107, August 2014 [PDF] • Tenant News 107, August 2014 [HTML]

Tenant News 106, April 2014 [PDF]Tenant News 106, April 2014 [HTML]


• Tenant News 105, November 2013 [PDF] • Tenant News 105, November 2013 [HTML]

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Tenant News 103, March 2013 [PDF]Tenant News 103, March 2013 [HTML]


August 2016

In 2016 the Tenants' Union is celebrating its 40th anniversary of representing the interests of tenants in NSW. 40 years of working for tenants rights and housing justice is no mean feat. Tenant News #113 celebrates the achievements of that hard work and also takes a clear-eyed view of what still needs to be done. Articles include:

  • Life begins at 40!
  • Stories from 40 years of advocacy
  • Shining a light on Tenants' rights
  • Fighting evictions in residential parks
  • The importance of a secure home
  • Tenant News: A long history
  • Litigation: We been everywhere!
  • A strong voice for tenants
  • Renters in parliament

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March 2016

Tenant News #112 is a special International Women's Day edition. It tells the stories of women who rent in NSW – stories of struggle and hope. You’ll find women writing about the legal insecurity that impacts on their ability to make a home when renting, and about how LGBTIQ, refugee and older women face discrimination in the rental market. We also explore public housing redevelopment policies and more.

The common thread in all these stories is the search for stability, liveability and affordability when making a home. Renting laws can be changed to facilitate these basic needs. In our recent submission to the Residential Tenancies Act Review, we ask Minister Dominello to do this by including changes to the law on evictions, rent increases and repairs.

Articles in Tenant News #112 include:

  • Women finding home
  • More than bricks and mortar
  • Women working for change
  • Transgender women and homelessness
  • Ruth Simon: A champion for housing rights
  • The Tenants' Union turns 40!
  • When home isn't safe
  • Is my residence my home?
  • Tenancy Q&A: Domestic violence

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August 2015

In Tenant News #110 we look at the big picture for renters today, and turn our attention to the growing need for change. Articles include:

  • The big issues faced by renters today
  • Global snaps: Tenants’ lives around the world
  • A place to call home: Housing security and mental health
  • Why strive for balance? The Residential Tenancies Act should protect tenants
  • Million dollar homes: Gentrification in residential parks
  • New face of poverty: Older private renters
  • Housing affordability: A joint statement
  • Land tax: The fairest tax on earth
  • Politicians’ love of real estate
  • Tenancy Q&A: Repairs




September 2015

Tenant News #111 is a special edition for and by Koori tenants. Articles include:

  • Home is everything to me
  • Making tracks, coming home
  • Plumbing health checks
  • A place of my own
  • Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy
  • Home and health
  • Who ya gonna call for tenancy advice?
  • Legal Aid NSW helping Aboriginal women
  • The tenant who knew too much

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Tenant News #109 is a special edition for the NSW Election. Articles include:

  • Stories from tenants about their Tenants Advice & Advocacy Services
  • Affordable housing is the highest need
  • A better deal for renters: the TU policy & law reform platform
  • More Bang For Your Bond: tenants' money – tenants' services campaign
  • Tenancy legal Q&A: bond

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